This Week’s Music for Grown-Ups on Radio/TV

Your exclusive listening/watching guide … a warm welcome back to compiler Mike Ollier:   

Radio For Grown-Ups 

Mon BBC R2 20.00 ~ 22.00* Mark Radcliffe: shorn of fellow talking head Maconie, Radcliffe is a much more inspirational broadcaster, with some excellent guests this week. Tonight it’s maverick Grammy winner Steve Earle and on Thursday Noddy Holder reviews the TV for the week. Bound to be more insightful and humorous than my attempts. Mon BBC R2 22.00 ~ 22.30*  Big Band Special: Tribute to Joe Zawinul Tues BBC R2 22.30 ~ 23.30* Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan: Food Thurs BBC R2 23.00 ~ 23.30* The Music Club Presents: Patti Smith talks us through her career. In half an hour?  Fri BBC R6 21.00 ~ 22.00*  Theme Time With Bob Dylan: ???  Glad to see that the Beeb keeping on top of things in my absence. Oh, they haven’t … . Fri BBC R3 22.30 ~ 23.30*  Jazz Library: Abdullah Ibrahim: choosing highlights from his own career, the South African pianist. Fri BBC R3 23.30 ~ 01.00* Jazz On 3: Dave Liebmann and Evan Parker in concert from the Vortex, London Sat BBC R2 20.00 ~ 21.00*  Mark Lamarr’s Redneck Music (part 2): I’ve never liked him as a comedian, but he’s becoming a fine radio presenter ~ his regular shows on RnR and reggae are a delight, as he reins in his ego and puts on his music fan hat. Probably a trilby. Here, he journeys to America’s backwoods to find the birthplaces and inspiration of some of the forefathers of country music; tonight he features Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Williams   

TV For Grown-Ups 

A bonanza on ITV4 this week, though you’ll need a recorder. 

Weds/Thurs ITV4 22.00 ~ 00.20*  Quadrophenia: One of my favourite teaching aids; the brilliant Phil Daniels’ Jimmy tears up Brighton to a marvellous soundtrack. Watch and see a litany of future TV/film stars in early roles. One of the best English films ever made, all about growing up and identity. Weds/Thurs 00.50 ~ 02.00* The Who ~ Live In Boston: Concert film from 2002 Thurs/Fri 00.20 ~02.40*  The Kids Are Alright: Who doc. Fri ITV4 22.00 ~ 23.00*  Marc Bolan ~ 20th Century Boy: Tribute to the Elfin one Fri/Sat & Sat evening ITV4 01.00 ~ 02.40 *  This Is Spinal Tap: A rockumentary, if you will, of ’80s HM group’s disastrous US tour. 11 out of 10. Fri/Sat ITV4 00.45 ~ 02.05*  The Clash: No other details, I’m afraid. Fri BBC4 19.30 ~ 20.30*  Legends: Jacques Brel ~ Ne Me Quitte Pas: Repeated profile, but none the worse for it.  Fri BBC4 20.30 ~ 21.00* Brecon Jazz Festival: Fusion Fri BBC4 22.00 ~ 23.00*  Caledonia Dreamin’: The emergence of Scotland’s Postcard Records Fri BBC4 23.00 ~ 23.35*  Edwyn Collins: Home Again: Profiling one of Postcard Records’ brilliant singer/songwriters, this doc follows Ed’s rehabilitation from a brain haemorrhage and his struggle to produce a new album. Fri BBC2 11.35 ~ 00.35* Later With Jools Holland: Here’s hoping he doesn’t play piano on Steve Earle’s songs.


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