Neil Young and the Chrome Dreams II DVD

Having been a long-time Neil Young fan, I guess I’m in for the duration.  After all, his back catalogue is one of the richest in rockpop.

But, though I’ve dutifully bought the last few studio albums, I’ve hardly listened to any of them.  Greendale (2003), Prairie Wind (2005) and Living With War (2006) have disturbed my hi-fi a mere once or twice each. 

If I want to listen to shrill preaching, I can go to a nasty little church. But the trio of heritage dadrock releases – Live At the Fillmore East (1971>2006), Live At Massey Hall (1971>2007) and Greatest Hits (2004) – have fared rather better.  They remind me why I like Young.   Chrome Dreams II (2007) sounds as if it’ll get some play, too.  But I’m bemused by the Chrome Dreams II de luxe release.  Disc 2 has the album repeated in “DVD” format; the DVD pictures are stills of cars in Young’s garage.   What’s he up to?  Should someone tell him that tape/slide presentations had become redundant 35 years ago? Wakey, wakey, Shakey.   

Gerry Smith

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