Rock gigs with unacceptable ticket prices

It’s a pleasure to see Music for Grown-Ups favourite Neil Young receiving plaudits for his current European tour promoting Chrome Dreams II.

 Young’s setlists, a career-spanning trawl through one of rock’s premier songbooks, plus three or four tracks from the new album, and the show format, a solo acoustic half, followed by an electric set with a small band, made we wish I’d booked for this week’s London shows.

 Until, that is, I remembered why I didn’t book in the first place – the ticket prices: £75 or £55, plus all the usual add-ons, plus transport, and you’re looking at £175 for two for a couple of hours of pleasure.  No thanks: greedy consumerism gone bananas. 

 There’s a trend towards US-style prices, especially for American artists.  Like Young, Springsteen’s upcoming shows are priced beyond what I think he’s worth.  And they’re not alone. 

  You can still book for most vital home-based poprockers (except the Stones/Led Zep et al) – Morrissey to Van The Man – for about £35, but if you’re price-sensitive, forget American touring bands.  They’ll charge what the market will bear – and good luck to them – but I won’t be booking.   

Gerry Smith


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