New Stones album: giving it a miss, for now

As expected, following Monday’s release of Shine A Light, the new Stones double CD, you simply can’t escape the Glimmer Twins: they’re all over the airwaves and the High Street.


As always when you get a new Stones product, Jagger& Co are dominating the media agenda and on this occasion they’re aided and abetted by the powerful Scorsese publicity machine.


I’ll be attentively recording/watching the promo, Rolling Stones: Shine A Light Movie Special on ITV1 at five past midnight on Saturday/Sunday night.


But I think I’ll give the new album a miss, even at the £10 supermarket price.  I know from experience that it’ll be available at £5 in six months time.  There’s nothing on the new release shouting “buy me, now”.  And I’ve already got eight official live Stones albums – more than enough.


Album tracks:


Jumping Jack Flash


She Was Hot

All Down The Line

Loving Cup (with Jack White)

As Tears Go By

Some Girls

Just My Imagination

Faraway Eyes

Champagne And Reefer

Tumbling Dice

You Got The Silver


Sympathy For The Devil

Live With Me 

Start Me Up

Brown Sugar


Paint It, Black

Little T and A

I’m Free

Shine A Light




Gerry Smith


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