Fine new introduction to Radiohead

If you’ve resisted the charms of Radiohead, but now want to check out what all the fuss is about, The Best Of Radiohead, released on Monday, is a long overdue new sampler.


Of course, some of the band’s fans are very sniffy about the release – “they’re an album band and you can’t cut up album tracks like this… it’s against the band’s wishes … blah, blah, blah… .”


But if you’re new to their music, this is a good way in.  Just don’t expect easy listening singalongarock.




1. Just 

2. Paranoid Android 

3. Karma Police 

4. Creep 

5. No Surprises 

6. High and Dry 

7. My Iron Lung 

8. There There 

9. Lucky 

10. Fake Plastic Trees 

11. Idioteque 

12. 2+2=5 

13. The Bends 

14. Pyramid Song 

15. Street Spirit (Fade Out) 

16. Everything In Its Right Place 


The 16 tracks sample the first six studio albums, with six songs from The Bends, four from OK Computer, the band’s masterpiece, two each from Kid A and Hail To The Thief, and one track each from Pablo Honey and Amnesiac (there’s nothing from the live album, or In Rainbows, the most recent release).


I bought my 1CD version from Bang CD for £5.99 delivered.  If you spot the 2CD version of The Best Of for about £10, better buy that, instead of the single CD version. 




Gerry Smith



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