Dadrock bonanza about to hit Australia

Thanks to Andrew Robertson in Adelaide for sharing his delight at a
Dadrock bonanza about to hit Australia, after posting it on a Van the Man discussion list:

“… how fantastic things have suddenly become!

“This time next week, Gayle and I will be somewhere over the Pacific, on our way to LA to see VAN MORRISON at Hollywood Bowl. And to meet half the Van list, at last count!

“Today, I just bought 3rd row seats to see LEONARD COHEN right here in Adelaide in January. I had read the glowing reports about his recent Northern Hemisphere tour on various websites and from a number of Van listers, but I’d thought that was a once only and wouldn’t make it to Oz – so I couldn’t believe it when I found a pre-sale offer in my inbox today! Supported by Paul Kelly, who is Australia’s most distinguished singer-songwriter and always great.

“But that’s not all – we also have NEIL YOUNG here in January. Enough said.

“Then JOHN McLAUGHLIN and CHICK COREA in February, which I am really looking forward to. I saw the Mahavishnu Orchestra in the 70s with Jean Luc Ponty on electric violin, and I think that concert changed the way I appreciated music

“Then JACKSON BROWNE in March, this time with band – last time was solo acoustic, and I recall reviewing that on the list, one of the truly great concerts I’ve seen. I haven’t heard his new album yet, not sure it’s been released here yet, but Jackson Browne remains an enduring favourite.

“And as I’ve previously mentioned, after Van but before Christmas, we still have John Mellencamp in Adelaide and STING at the SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE doing his classical lute concert, Tales from the Labyrinth. Having seen Sting earlier this year in the Police reunion concert, which was the perfect pop show, but before that also having seen Sting the jazz artist in another perception-changing concert, I am really looking forward to being introduced to the lute!

“What more could a poor boy want?”

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