Neil Young on BBC FOUR TV: a mixed bag

Last Friday’s welcome Neil Young Night on BBC FOUR was a mixed bag.

In Concert: Neil Young – the 1971 BBC gig, showcasing songs from Harvest – will have been familiar to most Young fans. If you could get beyond NY’s faux bashful hippy façade (I could) it was a wonderful performance.

The new documentary, Neil Young – Don’t Be Denied, tracing the Canadian’s evolution through interviews and unseen performance footage, was generally excellent, a must-add to any decent Shakey collection.

Strengths? The two probing interviews with Young. Weakness? It spent too much time on the 1970s, only covering the last quarter century in about 20 minutes. Some of us regard Neil Young as an important contemporary musician, not a museum piece!

I found CSNY/Déjà Vu – a record of the 2006 Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Freedom of Speech tour, built around Young’s Living with War album – simply unwatchable. I dislike the material; the people don’t interest me.

Gerry Smith

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