Leonard Cohen – in depth – on UNCUT magazine’s website

UNCUT magazine has a Leonard Cohen feature although, unlike the current MOJO, Lenny doesn’t grace the cover (Paul Weller does).

Stealing a march on its great rival, UNCUT has cleverly used the out-takes from the interviews with Cohen associates for a series of traffic-building bonus articles on its website.





Leonard Cohen celebrated in new MOJO

As Leonard Cohen prepares for the next leg of his triumphant world tour, the new (“December”) issue of MOJO, the London-based heritage rock monthly, has an impressive 11-page feature on the great poet-musician. Recommended.

Most of it’s taken up by a probing new interview and a buyer’s guide to the Cohen discography, both by Sylvie Simmons.

MOJO also has a Lenny cover – a recent portrait complete with grey goatee beard and rakish peaked cap – and a free CD of new covers of Cohen songs.

(The US edition apparently has a Metallica cover, lending support to the line peddled here that the US doesn’t really get Laughing Len as much as Europe – or Canada.)

Gerry Smith

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