Gigs in 2008: probably my best year ever of live music

The year just ending was probably my best ever for live music. From grand metropolitan opera house to sweaty rock dive, and worthy municipal folk gig to massive arena poprock spectacular, I’ve seen some great musicians performing in 2008.

It really couldn’t get much better.

Here’s the calendar – be sure call back on Monday for the ranking of the Music For Grown-Ups Top 10 Gigs in 2008:

Jan 23: Morrissey Roundhouse
31: Roschmann – Lieder Musikverein, Vienna

March 8: Salome Royal Opera House (ROH)

April 22: Bjork Plymouth

May 2: Roberto Alagna Barbican
31: John McLaughlin Barbican

June 14: Don Carlo ROH
21: Ariadne ROH
29: Pentangle Royal Festival Hall

July 2: Beck Southampton
17: Leonard Cohen O2
19: Figaro ROH

Aug 26 Conor Oberst Portsmouth

Sept 12: Don Giovanni ROH

Oct 10: Calisto ROH

Nov 8: Elektra ROH
15: Jim Moray Lichfield

Dec 12: Hansel & Gretel ROH
13: Joyce DiDonato Barbican
17: Cecilia Bartoli Barbican

Gerry Smith


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