Win new Music For Grown-Ups book

Many thanks for all the entries so far.

Lots of expected musicians are showing, including John Lennon, Brahms, and Herbie Hancock.

As well as some unexpected names – eg Elvis Costello, Schoenberg and Can.

Keep ‘em coming…


Win a free copy of new book, Music For Grown-Ups

Music For Grown-Ups, my new book, profiles 171 musicians from all genres. If I had to choose a Top 5, there would be some obvious contenders to consider, including: Dylan, Miles Davis, Bach, Mozart, Ella Fitzgerald, Hank Williams, Handel, Coltrane, the Rolling Stones and The Smiths/Morrissey.

But who are YOUR Top 5 Musicians For Grown-Ups – the five you prefer to listen to before all others?

Please email your ranked list (1 to 5) to before the end of January and I’ll compile a readers’ ranking. Please use TOP 5 as your subject header.

All responding readers will be entered in a free draw and the winner will be selected by lucky dip.

Thanks in advance. And good luck!

Gerry Smith


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