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from Sinatra to the Stones, Miles to Mozart, and Dylan to David Bowie.

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Welcome to the second issue of the new series of the MUSIC for GROWN-UPs newsletter, now published on alternate Thursdays. Thanks for all your kind messages received after the newsletter was re-launched two weeks ago.

Thanks also for all the messages of support and, especially, your orders for my new book, also called MUSIC for GROWN-UPs – check it out at

And thanks to readers who entered the competition to win a copy of the new book, by nominating their Top 5 Musicians For Grown-Ups. Please watch the website: your Top 5 Musicians For Grown-Ups will be revealed very soon.

If you haven’t visited for a while, please take another look – you’ll find more articles and a sharper, easier-to-use design. And please continue to send me your news and views – of gigs you’ve enjoyed, new releases, and back catalogue discoveries – and I’ll be pleased to post them on the web site for the benefit of your fellow grown-up music lovers.

Gerry Smith, Editor (email:

to read the articles listed, please log on to

* The new Bob Dylan album, according to Rolling Stone
* Mozart, Handel, Purcell: a classical feast on Radio 3
* Leonard Cohen Live in London – new CD and DVD
* Jim Moray last night
* Van Morrison’s new release – Astral Weeks Live At The Hollywood Bowl

* John McLaughlin’s brilliant Corea
* Is Bob Dylan losing credibility? A resounding no!
* Free MUSIC for GROWN-UPs Newsletter re-launched
* New albums from Springsten, Morrison, Morrissey… : Encore #1


* New albums from Springsten, Morrison, Morrissey, and maybe Dylan and Young
* Bartok, Baaba Maal, Bob Dylan
* Your last chance to win a copy of new Music For Grown-Ups book
* A fine Buddy Holly documentary
* Jose Carreras and Roberta Flack play Adelaide

* Morrissey, Dylan, Beethoven
* Neil Young, Leonard Cohen and Jeff Beck
* John Martyn RIP
* Bob Dylan, American folk, Handel
* Astral Weeks – live


Leonard Cohen Live in London – new CD and DVD

Raving about last July’s Leonard Cohen London show (MUSIC For GROWN-UPs review reprinted below) to whoever would listen, I suggested that the multi-camera big-screen live video mix was so good that the gig was destined to end up on DVD.

Well, I never!

Leonard Cohen Live In London on DVD and 2CD is now being advertised for (UK) release on 30 March.

Both could be strong contenders for Rock Album of the Decade.

Which to buy, though? Simple: both. DVD for the house, CD for the car.

Rave on, Lenny!

Gerry Smith

Leonard Cohen in London: Hallelujah!

Death-bed scene: “Well, Dad, that’s the money sorted out: you seem to have blown most of it on live music. As a matter of interest, what were your top five gigs?”

I think I’d have to include last night’s London leg of the Leonard Cohen tour at the O2 (aka Millennium Dome).

The septuagenarian charmer delivered almost three hours of intense beauty, deep joy and not a little glee.

For the assembled 20,000, it was a predictably reverential (if unexpectedly intimate) celebration of a major, rarely seen, talent.

The setlist (below) was remarkable, Zeitgeist-marking signature songs succeeding each other, relentlessly. Cohen’s performance was energetic, engaged, generous. His singing made you suspect that maybe he really does have the gift of a golden voice after all. His spoken renditions, particularly of A Thousand Kisses Deep, were deeply moving…

(You can see the full text online at:


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