Astral Weeks Live in LA: fan broadcasts on Australian national radio

Thanks to Andrew Robertson who travelled from Adelaide to LA for the Hollywood Bowl Astral Weeks Live and reported in loving detail here on Music For Grown-Ups:

“I have just come back from doing an interview about Astral Weeks live at the Hollywood Bowl on The Music Show on Radio National down here in Oz.

“The weird thing is, because we have a half hour time difference between Adelaide and the east coast, I went live to air in the east coast, but because I was in the Adelaide studio, I heard the segment “live” in the car when I was driving home.

“Hard to tell what it’s like when you listen to yourself, but I think it came across well.

“It was a strange experience though, sitting in a small studio all alone with headphones on talking to someone in another state and knowing it was going live to air – listening to it afterwards it sounded like quite an intimate conversation, even though I couldn’t see him or read his body language.

“By the way, Andrew Ford, the presenter, was one of the authors of Speaking In Tongues, which imho is the best Van book going.

“Here’s a link to their website, where they tell me you can listen on line for the next four weeks:


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