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Beck, Roberto Alagna, Pentangle: least loved gigs of 2008

January 1, 2009
Having raved about some great gigs I saw last year, it’s only fair to add that there were a handful which I didn’t enjoy – not one jot.

Notable among them were:

* Beck

* Roberto Alagna

* Pentangle

I’ll resist the temptation to go into detail – preferring to praise great music rather than whine about it when it doesn’t come off – but these three were among the least enjoyable live shows I’ve ever attended. In all three cases, I’m keen on the artists/legacy but was underwhelmed by the performances.

Gerry Smith

John McLaughlin to Dvorak, Beck to Chick Corea, Paul Weller to Youssou N’Dour

November 4, 2008
FREE! Music for grown-ups on the BBC in the next 10 days:

Hidden among its vast output, BBC TV and radio has some magnificent music for grown-ups – every week of the year. And it’s all free – well, sort of… .

Wed 5 Nov
1200 & 2200 Dvorak, Composer Of The Week – BBC Radio 3
(3/5, continues Thurs-Fri)

Thurs 6 Nov
2300 Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour (rpt) – BBC Radio 2
2355 Beck, BBC Four Sessions – BBC Four

Fri 7 Nov
2355, Randy Newman, BBC Four Sessions – BBC Four

Sat 8 Nov
1600 John McLaughlin, Jazz Library (part 2) – BBC Radio 3
2400 Chick Corea, Jazz Library – BBC Radio 3

Sun 9 Nov
2400 Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour (new) – BBC 6 Music

Thurs 13 Nov
2300 Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour (rpt) – BBC Radio 2
0030 Youssou N’Dour, BBC Four Sessions – BBC Four

Fri 14 Nov
2100 Paul Weller: Into Tomorrow – BBC Four
2230 Paul Weller, BBC Four Sessions – BBC Four

Online access: many BBC radio programmes are broadcast online, streamed. Please see the channels’ web sites for details. Archived BBC radio and TV programmes are accessible online for a short period via:

Gerry Smith