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Exquisite Rolling Stones exhibition

November 12, 2008
Fans of the Rolling Stones, especially the masterpiece album Beggars Banquet, will want to catch the exhibition currently showing at Blink Gallery, 11 Poland St., London W1.

It has full-size iconic colour shots from Michael Joseph’s two-day photo-shoot in London (interiors) and Derbyshire (exteriors). A few of the photos were used the Beggars Banquet LP artwork.

There are a dozen large format interior shots – exquisite, varied tableaux of signature Stones louche debauchery – plus six from the outside shots, including the most chemically enhanced game of cricket ever staged.

All the work is for sale in limited editions of 20 (interiors) and 30 (outside shots), with prices ranging from £1700 to £5500 + VAT.

This fine exhibition runs to 6 December. Highly recommended.

Gerry Smith



Classic rock photographs in London gallery

I must have walked within 50 yards of Blink Gallery, at 11 Poland St London W1, a thousand times without ever realising it was there. Then, for some reason last week, I headed down Poland St, south off Oxford Street, opposite HMV Oxford Circus branch, for the first time.

And there it was – a fabulous small gallery of two floors of framed, signed limited edition rock musician photos.

Pride of place goes to two Dylan pics by Jerry Schatzberg:

* Bob Dylan Pliers 1965 5/20 £2k + VAT 16” x 20” Silver Gelatin print, and

* Bob Dylan 1965 8/30 £2k + VAT 16” x 20” Silver Gelatin print.

Most readers would recognise both from the Blonde On Blonde cover shoot.

The Dylan pics are surrounded by other iconic shots documenting the best of Brit rock, from the Stones to Paul Weller. My favourite is is a wonderful tableau from the Beggars Banquet shoot, and there’s Hendrix, Oasis, Bob Marley et al, if jokey Stones debauchery isn’t your bag.

If you’re in London’s West End with a spare fifteen minutes, a visit to Blink Gallery is highly recommended. It’s free to look, and if you have a couple of thousand pounds to spare, you can buy, too.

(aficionados of soft porn: please brace yourself for a pleasant surprise after clicking the link below)

Gerry Smith