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Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes: recommendations

September 3, 2008
Deeply impressed by last Tuesday’s Conor Oberst gig (reviewed here on Music For Grown-Ups last week), I’ve been exploring the compelling indie-rocker’s back catalogue to ID the pick of the crop.

The first two big albums, from 2005, I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning, and Digital Ash In A Digital Urn, were already firm favourites. They’ve now been joined on my playlist by the breakthrough CD, Lifted (2002) and the live set, Motion Sickness.

Last year’s Cassadaga (2007) is also a fine record. The recent switch from Bright Eyes, resulting in the admirable Conor Oberst CD (August 2008), completes the list.

Half a dozen fine albums, all Music For Grown-Ups hot recommendations: there are few more interesting artists than Oberst in contemporary music.

Gerry Smith