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Free MUSIC for GROWN-UPs Newsletter re-launched

February 19, 2009
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Hello again. Apologies for the break in sending you your copy of the MUSIC for GROWN-UPs newsletter. I curtailed it for a while to focus on finishing my new book, also called MUSIC for GROWN-UPs – check it out at

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* New albums from Springsten, Morrison, Morrissey, and maybe Dylan and Young
* Bartok, Baaba Maal, Bob Dylan
* Your last chance to win a copy of new Music For Grown-Ups book
* A fine Buddy Holly documentary
* Jose Carreras and Roberta Flack play Adelaide

* Morrissey, Dylan, Beethoven
* Neil Young, Leonard Cohen and Jeff Beck
* John Martyn RIP
* Bob Dylan, American folk, Handel
* Astral Weeks – live


* Top Grown-Up Gigs of 2008
* Win a free copy of new book, Music For Grown-Ups
* Handel: Composer Of The Year, star of Music For Grown-Ups, the new book
* Prog Rock: music for grown-ups? Well, yes, sort of
* Beck, Roberto Alagna, Pentangle: least loved gigs of 2008

* Astral Weeks – Live in LA
* Purcell, Prog Rock, Michael Brecker
* Leonard Cohen, Conor Oberst and John McLaughlin – top gigs for grown-ups
* Handel, Keith Richards, Prog Rock
* Roy Orbison profile – good music, weak analysis


Neil Young, Leonard Cohen and Jeff Beck: one week in Australia

Thanks to Andrew Robertson in Adelaide:

I have just enjoyed the most incredible week of music so I’ll see if I can manage to share it with you…

Last weekend was the Australia Day long weekend and on Saturday night we saw Neil Young at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Ordinarily we would have stayed the whole long weekend in Sydney, as it is such a great city, but before I had booked flights and accommodation, it was announced that Leonard Cohen would be playing in Adelaide on the holiday Monday – so naturally I booked that. That meant coming home from Sydney on the Sunday, which turned out to be fortuitous because it was then announced that Jeff Beck would be playing in Adelaide on the Sunday night. Don’t things have a way of working out in the end?

And then it was announced that Neil Young would be playing the Big Day Out circuit, including Adelaide, so I saw him again on Friday night – so that was 4 amazing concerts in one amazing week. Probably only surpassed by Van Morrison’s Astral Weekend at Hollywood Bowl. Although the week I saw Dylan in Adelaide then Van twice in 2 nights in England, all in the same week back in 2007, was pretty good too!

So let’s begin with Neil Young in Sydney…

(You can see the full text online at:


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