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Lua by Conor Oberst and Gillian Welch – a duet made in Heaven

April 16, 2009
Of all the rockpop musicians I’ve seen in the last ten years, none give better gig than Conor Oberst and Gillian Welch. They’re both outstanding writers and performers, the cream of their generation.

And they’ve just released a duet of Oberst’s classic song, Lua. I’m usually very skeptical about duets, but Lua is a duet made in Heaven.

It’s squirreled away on Dark Was The Night, a new compilation album, though the single track is also available from iTunes.

Highly recommended – you won’t hear a better duet for grown-ups. Ever.

Gerry Smith

Gillian Welch to Claudio Monteverdi, Louis Jordan to the Beatles

October 7, 2008
FREE! Music for grown-ups on the BBC in the next 10 days:

Hidden among the musical dross dominating its massive output, the multitude of BBC TV and radio channels broadcast magnificent music for grown-ups – every week of the year. And it’s all free (sort of).

For example:

Thurs 9 Oct
2300 Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour (rpt) – BBC Radio 2

Sun 12 Oct
2400 Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour (new) – BBC 6 Music

Mon 13 Oct
1200 & 2200 Claudio Monteverdi, Composer Of The Week – BBC Radio 3
(1/5, continues Tues-Fri)
2330 Choo Choo Ch’Boogie: the Louis Jordan Story – BBC Radio 2 (2/4)

Thurs 16 Oct
2300 Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour (rpt) – BBC Radio 2
2320 Gillian Welch, BBC Four Sessions (rpt) – BBC Four

Online access: many BBC radio programmes are broadcast online, streamed. Please see the channels’ web sites for details. Archived BBC radio and TV programmes are accessible online for a short period via:

Commercial TV highlights:

Fri 17 Oct
2420 The Beatles, All You Need Is Love (part 14), More 4

Gerry Smith