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Spotify: heartily recommended

April 9, 2009

Thanks to Rob:

“Following on from your Neil Young new album pass….

“I too was about to order the CD and then realised that I could listen to the entire album for free and legally over the net.

“You must have heard of spotify:

“It really is brilliant. The free version has one 30 second advert every 20 minutes. You can upgrade for £9.99 per month and have no adverts.

“You can hear thousands of albums: you choose which albums and tracks, you can jump around from track to track etc….

“It’s like having access to tens of thousands of albums on your computer. Ignore the wacky styling, they have a deep catalogue, stretching back to 30’s jazz & blues.

“I even found some interesting Dylan tracks from soundtracks / compilations etc. and I discovered a sublime Enio Morricone soundtrack “La Storia Vera Della Signora Dalle Camelie”

“I would heartily recommend it.”