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MOJO the most grown-up rockpop mag in 2008 first half

June 11, 2008

MOJO, Uncut and The Word, the three London-based rockpop magazines, occasionally cover music for grown-ups, though only about 20% of their content – mainly their cover features – is of interest to this website.


In the first half of 2008, MOJO has had the most grown-up covers – five out of a possible six.  Its covers have featured Radiohead, Mozza, Stones, Paul Weller and the Sex Pistols.


UNCUT has had four grown-up covers: Dylan, Stones, Led Zep and Bowie.  While, so far in 2008, The Word has had three: Mozza, Elvis Costello and Radiohead.


It’s a reversal of the tally for the whole of 2007, which was headed by The Word, with 9 covers, followed by UNCUT (8) and MOJO (a mere 5 covers).





Gerry Smith