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Leonard Cohen European tour 2008 (You heard it here first #2)

March 6, 2008

In mid-2007, like a voice in the wilderness, Music for Grown-Ups was confidently speculating that Leonard Cohen would tour Europe this summer, after years without live shows.

   Well, blow, me: Leonard’s 2008 European tour dates are set to be announced early next week!

   Watch this space …



 Leonard Cohen live – looking a bit more likely  Earlier speculation about possible Leonard Cohen London shows (see below) looks a bit more accurate with the news that Lenny is appearing in a free pre-show “conversation” with Philip Glass at The Barbican at 6pm on Sat 20 0ctober.

The show itself is a performance of Glass’s treatment of Book Of Longing, Cohen’s new volume of poetry, set for voices and instruments (but not, note, Leonard himself). 

   Leonard Cohen?  Free?  What?   Well, there’s a snag – you need a ticket for the main gig to get in to the pre-show talk.  And the main gig is, er, sold out.  It was already sold out in the new Barbican programme – which arrived today.  I wonder where it was first advertised?     


Leonard Cohen set to tour? 

Leonard Cohen’s portrait on the cover of new issue of The Word, following loads and loads of recent UK press, makes me think that we’re about to see Leonard touring England – after such a long break. 

He can’t surely be doing the press rounds in support of the slightly expanded reissues of the first three albums, or Anjani, his companion’s, new album of Leonard material.  There simply has to be a bigger picture.   

I’ve never seen Lenny live, but, then, who has?  He hasn’t toured – anywhere – in 14 years If, like many grown-ups, you’re excited by the interface where pop culture (rock) meets high culture (literature), Lenny is certainly your man.  

Watch this space…   

Gerry Smith