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Asda supermarket keeping me out of HMV

February 20, 2008

I used to be a habitual HMV customer – and a strong advocate of the retailer on this site – but I gradually kicked the habit.  Because, while CD prices have been plummeting from online suppliers and supermarkets, HMV’s prices look stubbornly high. 

I was reminded of the gap last weekend after leaving my local HMV branch empty-handed (again), after recently visiting Asda, Wal-Mart’s English subsidiary. 

Sample price comparisons of product currently interesting me were startling: 

* Morrissey Greatest Hits De Luxe: HMV £19, Asda £14 

* Van Morrison Best Of v3: HMV £13, Asda £5 

* Morrissey Who Put The M in Manchester DVD: HMV £18, (has been widely available elsewhere @ £5)   

* Led Zeppelin DVD: HMV £30, (has been widely available at Asda and elsewhere @ £13)  

HMV might well manage to turn round its ailing chain, but until its prices are back in line with the marketplace, I won’t be contributing.   

Gerry Smith