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FREE! Music for grown-ups on air in the next seven days

March 19, 2008

Over the next seven days, I hope to catch/record these tempting TV/radio broadcasts: 

Wed 19 March:  2045 Schoenberg, Composer Of The Week (3/5) – BBC Radio 3

(Plus programme 4 on Thurs, 5 on Fri) 

Good Friday 21 March: 1830 Bach’s St John Passion – BBC Radio 3

2000 Sacred Music (1/4) – BBC Four (repeated Sat 1900)

2230 Anita O’Day, Jazz Library – BBC Radio 3 

Sun 23 March:2030 Sacred Music – live concert – BBC Four 

Monday 24 March:2230 Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour (Instruments) – BBC Radio 2   

Gerry Smith

Oh Vienna! Part 1

February 6, 2008

On my first trip to Vienna last week – Heaven only knows why it’s taken so long – I spent three days marvelling at the handsome Habsburg capital’s rich musical heritage. 

Never mind the magnificence of the built environment – Vienna is a world-class city – or the divine legacy of key visual artists such as Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Otto Wagner, the Austrian capital is a strong contender for Music for Grown-Ups global HQ. 

Everywhere you go, you’re reminded of its stature.  Major venues abound – Musikverein … Konzerthaus … Staatsoper … Volksoper …  And, round every corner you keep running into statues, squares, streets, plaques, and pavement memorials commemorating the great classical composers with roots in Vienna – Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Schubert, Beethoven, Mahler, Schoenberg … the list is almost endless.  Only Bach is missing. 

And that’s not to mention Music for Grown-Ups favourite, jazzer Joe Zawinul.

No city has more musical resonance: Oh Vienna, indeed.   

Gerry Smith 

(to be continued)