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Dylan/Cohen: perfect asymmetry?

July 22, 2008
Thanks to Jane Milton:

“I enjoyed Anne Ritchie’s piece on Bob/Len. (What follows is my attempt to ensure that this web site carries articles by women on two successive days – for the very first time, if I’m not mistaken.)

“I’m a Bob devotee but have found solace with Lennie in several periods when Dylan has been floundering.

“Leonard’s first two ground-breaking albums were released when Dylan was putting out albums like Nashville Skyline, well below the standard of his mid-60s masterpieces.

“Then, when Leonard’s output floundered, in the second half of the ‘70s, Dylan was back on top.

“And then when Bob went AWOL in the late 80s, L Cohen delivered two more masterpieces – Various Positions and I’m Your Man.

“Has anyone else noticed how their discographies seem to be in perfect asymmetry? For one who loves both, it’s been a lucky coincidence.”