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More Rolling Stones pictures and striking Oasis artwork

November 25, 2008
Rock and roll art is really taking off, with new shows following each other in rapid succession.

Smart Gallery, in Harrogate, North Yorks, is now selling a set of Stones photographs from 1963. Rolling Stones – 1st Photo Sessions by Philip Townsend comprises six images retailing as a giclee signed limited edition boxed set of mounted images (£895) or individually framed at £275 each.

Meanwhile, Snap Galleries, which mounts an exciting programme of rock photography exhibitions at its Birmingham HQ, is showing the London-centric art market just what it’s missing with a temporary taster exhibition in the basement of a clothes retailer in London’s Covent Garden.

In the run-up to Xmas, Snap/Covent Garden has a lovely show of Oasis artwork with Michael Spencer Jones’s portfolio of album and singles cover photography.

While Oasis are not really musicians for grown-ups, the Out Of The Blue collection, on sale as limited edition photographs, box sets and a beautiful limited edition book, are striking artifacts which will excite many younger rock music lovers.

Gerry Smith