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HMV’s in-store mag: strong new issue

August 18, 2008
I’m not a massive fan of HMV Choice, the music chain’s in-store mag.

It covers an attractively eclectic range of music – everything except rockpop, in fact. But its style reveals its purpose – a sales catalogue. And it covers a lot of new crossover pap you couldn’t give me for free.

That said, the latest issue HMV Choice covers new releases by an unusually high proportion of Music for Grown-Ups favourites, including Jim Moray, Wynton Marsalis, John McLaughlin, Juan Diego Florez, Rolando Villazon, Ry Cooder, Simon Keenlyside, Angelika Kirschlager, Cassandra Wilson and Eddie Cochrane.

Quite a roster!

You can pick up a free copy of HMV Choice in-store.

Gerry Smith