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New Dylan and Miles box sets – big price differences

October 20, 2008
The new Dylan and Miles box sets – Tell Tale Signs Deluxe and Kind Of Blue 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition – are big Sony launches destined to fill many grown-up Xmas stockings.

There’s a marked variation in prices from the different retailers, though. The best prices I’ve seen are from Zavvi online – £79 (Dylan) and £50 (Miles).

When I called in on Saturday, HMV Oxford Circus had a couple of eye-watering price tags: £95 (Dylan) and £85 (Miles), though the HMV combined web price is much lower – only £10 above Zavvi’s.

With every passing week, I find myself less and less inclined to buy from the big bricks-and-mortar London megastores; I used to be a big customer.

And their small branches seem to have given up on music. My local HMV now focuses on DVD and games, with music taking only a small proportion of floor space; I probably won’t bother going in there again.

Gerry Smith